List of Little Moments No. 3

I am on my break. Sitting on a table.

1. I woke up early today only because I went to bed early.

2. I worked out and listened to some music.

3. Showered, got dressed, and slept for another thirty minutes.

4. My dog got a haircut today and she looks like a tiny, naked Elvis.

5. I’m ready for my vacation to start. Thinking about not coming back.

6. Thankful that my mother always has fruit in the house.

7. Second day of not being active on Instagram. I actually feel as if I don’t have a life because I am not posting on it everyday. It’s pretty sad I feel any type of way towards it. I wonder how I’ll feel in a couple of more days.

8. My feet are asleep. I’m scared to get up.

9. It hasn’t rained yet and we were able to go outside for forty five minutes.

10. I am not ready to clock back in.


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